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Scottish 10K Road Championships

The first known record of a Scottish 10K Road Championship for women is in Scotland's Runner (May 1988 p34). The race was promoted by the Scottish Women's Cross Country and Road Running Association and took place at Strathclyde Park on 5/6/1988.

The first mention of a Scottish 10K Road Championship for men is in an advert place by the S.A.A.A. in Scotland's Runner (April 1989 P64). The race was held in Glasgow on 30/4/1989.

With the establishment of the Scottish Athletics Federation the championships were held at the same time and venue.

Four Championships were held at Strathclyde park in the 1990s. The results the we have can be found here.



It is not clear when the team and Master's championhships began but some results are included here.


Team Members