East District Cross Country League

The Scottish East District Cross Country League was formed in October 1924, the four founder members being Edinburgh Southern Harriers, Heriots Cross Country Club, Edinburgh Northern Harriers and Edinburgh Harriers.

In the first season there were 4 races with the changing and starts being at Public Baths in Edinburgh. Portobello and Glenogle Baths were the venues, each being used twice. After 2 seasons of 4 races the league changed to 3 and this has remained traditional to the present day.

The competition was originally called the Edinburgh and District Cross Country League, changing name to the present title in 1936.

East District Clubs compete for the Sandilands Shield donated by George Sandilands of Kirkcaldy in 1927.

There was no competition in seasons 1939/40 to 1946/47 inclusively due to World War II.

Edinburgh clubs dominated the Senior Championship right through to 1980 when Falkirk Victoria Harriers became the first club from outwith the city to win the title. Falkirk dominated from 1983 to 1993 apart from 3 wins by Borders club Teviotdale Harriers.

1993 to 1997 saw Racing Club Edinburgh with a run of wins until City of Edinburgh were victorious in 1998.

In 1999 Fife AC were the champions this being ironically the first time that the prized Sandilands Shield which had come from Kirkcaldy has been won by a club from the north side of the Firth of Forth.

Leagues for the younger age groups were added through the years.
Youths now called Under 17 Men started in 1956.
Senior Boys now Under 15 Boys in 1959.
Junior Boys now Under 13 Boys started in 1962
Colts now Under 11 Boys in 1976

Leagues for all female age groups were started in 2001.


The League has been blessed by many long serving officials.



1924-1926 R.S.Aiken Heriots CCC
1926-1928 Willie Carmichael Canon ASC
1928-1977 George Aithie Edinburgh Northern H/ Edinburgh AC
1977-1982 Mike Barnes Livingston & District AAC
1982-1984 David Nicolson Falkirk Victoria H
1984 - Alex Jackson Ferranti AAC

Incredibly George Aithie Snr served as Secretary for a remarkable 49 active years. Alex Jackson took over in 1984 and has acted as Secretary to the present day. That is only 35 years.

The Website

The original East District League website was constructed by Peter Jackson. Peter retired in season 2011-2 and the results part of the site lapsed until season 2014-5 when Ron Morrison and Alex Jackson got together to revive it taking much of the content from the original one.

Contributions to the site have come from

Alex Jackson
Peter Jackson
John Mackay
Ron Morrison
Adam Priestley