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Scottish Road Relay Championships

The first Scottish Women's Road Relay Championships was held on the 29th January 1972 under the auspices of the Scottish Women's Cross Country Union.

The Scottish Men's 6 Stage Road Relay Championship was first held on 31st March 1979 under the auspices of the Scottish Cross Country Union.

With the advent of the Scottish Athletics Federation there was a rationalisation of the Road Relay Championships. The female championships in 1992-3 are listed as SAF championships as they took place on 11th October 1992. In 1993-4 the U17 race was abandoned and U17's ran with the Senior race. The male young athletes joined the young athlete female format in 1994-5. This relay format for young athletes was abandoned in 1995-6 and replaced by road running championships for individuals and teams.

The Senior women's event continued but women's teams also started competing unofficially in the 6 stage relay in 1995-6 and 1996-7. IN 1997-8 a women's 4 stage Championship has been run in conjunction with the men's 6-stage relay.

A Master's Championship for over 40s was incorporated in 2004-5 with the first women's teams appearing in 2005-6 with an over 50 championship being introduced in 2012-3.


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