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National Junior Cross Country Championships

The first Junior Cross Country Championship in Scotland was held at Ibrox Park on 21st, December 1889 under the auspises of the Scottish Harriers Union.

The following season the Scottish Harriers Union and the Scottish Cross Country Association put aside their differences and amalgamated to form the Scottish Cross Country Union. The new Union's first Junior Championship was held at the Hawkhill Grounds in Leith on 7th, February 1891 as a separate race from the Senior Championships. It was open to any athlete who had never taken part in a Senior championship race organised by the SCCA, SHU or the English CCU. Members of the first 3 teams automatically became ineligible to compete as Juniors.

From 1903 to 1949, the separate race was dropped and the Individual Junior Championship awarded to the first Junior in the Senior race.

After the first World War and with similar aims of the Junior Championship a Novice Championships was with individual and team race was promoted from season 1919-20 to 1948-9.

In season 1949-50 a Junior was defined as 18-21 and the new separate Championship introduced.



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