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Scottish Masters Cross Country Championships

According to the 1971-2 championship programme the first veterans cross–country race in Scotland was held at Pollok Estate, Glasgow on Staurday 20th March 1971. The results are recorded here.

The Scottish Masters Cross Country Championship has an interesting history. In 1972, the Scottish Veteran Harriers Club introduced an open championship - effectively a Scottish Championship since it was open to non-members. The results of these races, as far as we have them, are recorded here.

In season 1985-6, the Scottish Cross Country Union introduced a Scottish Veteran Championship (over 40, over 50 and over 60), for men, for individuals with a single combined team race. Initially these races were held in conjunction with the Scottish Veteran Harriers Club race.

In the 1987-8 Championships the S.C.C.U. introduced 5 year intervals up to the age of 70+ with the proviso that place medals for 2nd and 3rd were only awarded if more than 5 and 10 athletes competed respectively. This is not taken into account in these results.

The Women's Championship was started by the Scottish Women Veteran Runners Association and organised by Dale Grieg in 1974-5 for all women over 35. The Championship was continued by the S.W.C.C.U. from then on.

The Masters age groups were originally over 40 for Men and over 35 for Women taken on the day of the race. In 2006 an over 35 category was introduced for Men by the IAAF and SAL followed suit in its championships. Under direction of the IAAF the age categories were revised again to over 40 for both Men and Women, on the day of the race, and this was introduced from 1st April 2010. Following a further IAAF ruling in 2011 the categories were revised to over 35 both Men and Women, on the day of the race, and this was introduced from 1st April 2012.

From 1/10/2013, after consulting the Clubs, the RR&CC Commission decided to discontinue Championships for Masters F35 and M35. This is not a change to IAAF rule IAAF Rule 141-1 but a decision not to hold a particular championship.

In 2011 the following rules were brought in for the Championships. Masters Championships will be held in 5 year categories. Athletes will compete in their own 5 year age category and the overall race.
     M40, M45, M50, M55, M60 will run together over 8,000 metres
     All women + M65, M70 etc will run together over 6,000 metres

With the increased popularity of the Championships a Men's M50 team race was intoduced in 2010-1 and a women's W50 Championship in 2016-7. In both O50 Championships O50s could only count in the O50 event if they had not medalled in the O40 race in the same year.

From season 2017-8 medals will be awarded as descibed here.

In 1993 with the formation of the Scottish Athletics Federation, both mens and womens Championships were held at St Andrews.


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